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Rihanna officially stopped following her ex Chris Brown on Twitter after Breezy dropped a freestyle over Kanye West’s “Theraflu” (aka “Way Too Cold”) that sounds like he’s dissing Ri Ri.

Breezy doesn’t say any names but raps about his “old b*tch,” which has folks speculating whether he’s talking about Rihanna, who in the past has been linked to Meek Mill, Matt Kemp and Ashton Kutcher.

“Don’t f**k with my old b-tch it’s like a bad fur. Every industry n***a done had her. Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her. B-tch is breaking codes, but I’m the password” rapped Chris.

Ri Ri tweeted “Aw, poor dat #neaux1currrrr.”

Chris Brown also stopped following Rihanna on Twitter and took to the social media site to respond to the accusations:

@chrisbrown “Assumptions! I didn’t say any names so if u took offense to it then its something you feel guilty about.”

Listen here:


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