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Via: Radaronline

A British woman was savagely attacked by two cheetahs recently while enjoying “a trip of a lifetime” to a South African wildlife park. But what was probably more painful was the fact that her husband took pictures of the whole ordeal rather than rushing to her aid!

Violet D’Mello, 60, went to pet the purportedly tame animals as permitted. But she was left traumatized when she was mauled by the cheetahs, suffering injuries to her head, stomach and legs and nearly losing an eye.

While the whole three-minute ordeal was going on, Violet’s 64-year-old husband Archie took photos of the entire attack – rather than run to help his wife.

The startling images show blood pouring from the woman’s head, arms and legs. The cheetahs are also seen staring at the woman like she was a piece of meat that they were going to devour until there was just a carcass left.

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