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We want to hear your response to this Strawberry Letter 23: A Mother’s Mistake….

Good morning crew.. I have gotten myself into a huge pickle. This is the situation. I have been off and on again with my child’s father. We were on the outs last November. I decided to go on Black People Meet and find a friend. Well I found a friend. He was very attractive. I was feeling very lonely and decided to meet up with this man that I had been talking to for a couple of weeks. Well we met, he was very hot and we slept together. I swear on my life and my babies life that we used protection so I didn’t even bother to inform him that I had became pregnant. Instead I immediately informed my child’s father that I was pregnant. He off the break said it was no way his. How could he know this because we weren’t using condoms. Anyway he told me if it was his he would be responsible and do what needs to be done.

But until then he was not giving me anything monetary. So fast forward 33weeks later. I deliver, we take a blood test low and behold its not his baby, it’s the 1nite stands now. The 1st couple of months he was calling me all the time but I was giving him the cold shoulder, plus I knew I was carrying my child’s fathers baby and didn’t want anything to do with the 1nite stand. So now here it is almost a year later and the 1nitestand won’t be responsible,  won’t take a blood test, won’t come see her and won’t talk to me except through email. I do have his info, I just dont want him to change any of the info. Oh PS, he’s a house hopper (no stable residence)so now it’s hard for child support to get a hold of him.

My question is, should I take my lost cause? It was my fault for being so hot and not responsible, or should I proceed with the child support enforcement and let them locate him. He won’t work because he knows they’ll catch up with him. I really just want my baby to have a father (she shouldn’t have to suffer because of the mistakes of her mother.) Do u think he’ll come around?