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Eleven years after the tragic plane crash that took her life, a new Aaliyah album is said to be in production.

R&B producer J. Dub claimed to have received news that tracks he produced for the late singer will be on an upcoming, posthumous project. J. Dub’s production work will be featured on the song called “Steady Ground,” which was written by Aaliyah’s late friend Static Major.

Timbaland also stated he would be working on the next Aaliyah album. The producer /rapper said he produced a catalogue’s worth of Aaliyah material, but only 15 songs made the upcoming album and the rest of them were on Aaliyah’s posthumous greatest hits effort.

While two of the producers working on the upcoming project have confirmed its existence, there has been no confirmation from Aaliyah’s label, so we will have to wait and see if this project actually gets a release date.

Listen to “Steady Ground” below:



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