Strawberry Letter: Boyfriend Issues I Think

Dear Steve Harvey and Morning Show crew,

So let me start out with I just started reading your book “Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man” and it answered a few of my questions about my boyfriend but now I have more questions. I’ve been dating my man for almost 9 months now and we are completely serious about each other.

He always tells me that the only reason we’re not married yet is because we both don’t have enough money to pay for the wedding and support ourselves after the wedding. Which I agree with but it sometimes seems like he always just has a new excuse. He’s a truck driver so he’s gone a lot. So it would seem like he would want to get some “cookies” a lot but sometimes he seems like he’s not interested. We can go weeks without having intercourse and he seems ok without it.

I know for sure he’s not cheating. Recently he got really distant and he kept telling me he can’t explain the feeling and when he finally did he said it seemed like he woke up one morning and he didn’t want anything. He was just in a state of laziness. And he didn’t want to go outside or watch TV. It was on Valentine’s Day and he didn’t even kiss me for two weeks. Everything got fine but I dunno.

I’ve known him for a while and he’s never been an emotional person. So I never really expected a lot of emotions from him but he has never said he loves me. I mean he acts like he does.. but he has never said the words “I love you.” I asked him before if he loved me he said yes. That’s it. And like he always introduces me by my name. When his friends say “oh is that your girlfriend” he says yes but never introduces me as his girlfriend.

I don’t know am I just freaking out for no reason? Help please asap 🙁

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