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Strawberry Letter: My Cousin’s Wife

Good morning Mr. Steve Harvey and the morning crew.

I am writing this letter for advice not judgment. I’m 21 years old and I am currently involved with my cousin’s wife. How this all came about is I got evicted from my apartment and my cousin invited me to stay with his wife. At this time his addiction kept him away from home however when I moved in he did to.

Instead of me sleeping on the couch he told me to go get in bed with his wife. From there one thing led to another and we became involved. Now he left home again because of his addiction and we decided to move and be together. It’s been over a year now and things have been great. Now here’s the problem. One, my family doesn’t associate with me and two, my girlfriend has a friend whom is calling, texting all the time, and at one point showed up unannounced at our house.

Now after investigating I found out she isn’t just a friend, she’s someone who wants my girlfriend. Drama after drama keeps transpiring and the only reason I haven’t ended it is because I am in college currently pursuing my BA in accounting. I have a lot going for me but I need advice.

So can you help me?

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