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Strawberry Letter: How Do I Find My Way Back To My Husband?

Good Morning,

I first want to thank you for reading what I am about to say. I have been with my husband now for 22 years in marriage. He came into my life the night I wanted to take my life. I was calling a girlfriend to tell her to tell my family I love them and to have my mother take care of my son. I was a teenage mother with a baby. The father of that child we did marry. Walked out on us on the first day of our marriage & never looked back.

3 years ago he came back into my life when I was having problems in my marriage. We started out as just friends. Someone that I could talk to get a man point of view. Then one day when we were visiting with each other and I had a bad day with my husband. We made plans to be with each other. That day came. We shared what we should have not but it felt right. Now so much has gone on. A Lot of downs since I made that step. I was losing him. So I played games to keep him back my life.

I was going to leave my husband for him. And through it all my husband has been still here standing by me. With the calls from my ex-husband telling him the things we have done and the places him and I have been. I know I need to forget my ex-husband. He has put his hands on me. He has tried to get me to sleep with his friends for him to get some money for him. Like I said so much has happen. But I keep hoping that one day he would see me the way I want him to see me. But all the while my husband is still here fighting to keep our marriage together.

My husband is very controlling but he has always taken care of me and our family. So why can’t I want him as much as I want my ex-husband? We both have things that we could work on to make our marriage work. But I still desire my ex-husband even though I know it would never work.

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