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Before Bishop Eddie Long came under fire for settling sexual abuse charges against him out of court when he vowed to fight them, Long’s finances were under scrutiny in a congressional investigation by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley.

WSB-TV starting looking into Long’s assets more than six months ago. Now with his wife Vanessa filing for divorce, Long’s finances are under the microscope. WSB-TV found very little paperwork because the church and its dozens of affiliated companies file very few public documents.

Records show Long’s assets have been intertwined with New Birth’s assets for years, including New Birth paying approximately $200,000 in property taxes for Long and $85,000 in taxes for his private plane.

Long’s financial troubles appear to be mounting. In addition to the undisclosed financial settlement to five young men who accused him of sexual abuse last summer, records show Long has agreed to pay nearly $2 million to settle a defaulted bank loan, he owes $200,000 to a developer, and in October church members sued Long for over $1 million in failed investments sold by a man he endorsed.

WSB-TV requested an interview with Long, but a spokesperson told reporter Jodie Fleischer the bishop was too busy.

Watch WSB-TV’s report below and then let us know what you think in the comments box:

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