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Strawberry Letter: Eat…..Sleep…and….Poop ( Ready to throw in the towel)

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am desperate for some advice. I am married to a man now for over 3 years. When we met 4 years ago he was about 100 lbs lighter than he is now. He led a active lifestyle, as well as a pleasure to be around. He made it easy to converse with. After the first year things just went south… literally. I now have a man who does nothing but eat… sleep… and poop allllllll day long.

He has a job that requires him to work until midnight most nights of the week and on weekends, however sometimes he gets two days off in a row, and will sleep all day. He has gained a lot of weight and is very sensitive and offended when I mention getting in shape and taking better care of himself. He can not hold a conversation without falling asleep on me whether in person or on the phone. He stays in the bathroom because he has to poop constantly. I sometimes tip toe around the room in the morning to keep him from waking so that he doesn’t get up and stink the bathroom up before I finish preparing for work.

I’ve tried to convince him to go to the doctors but he doesn’t stay awake long enough to make an appointment and if I make it for him he won’t go. His eating habits are awful. He has to have eggs and toast, potatoes, toast, and he doesn’t try to eat in moderation. He always goes back for seconds. He is currently on a diet, but the only diet I actually see him on is the “can’t wait to eat diet” and he’s defeating the purpose of even purchasing the diet plan.

He won’t weigh himself so there’s no way to know if there has been any progress because there isn’t any physical evidence. I am so disgusted. Our sex life is non existent. I find it difficult to enjoy due to the size of his stomach and getting on top gives me the feeling of laying on a medicine ball. I’m trying not to be mean, but I have gone from being sympathetic to pissed off.

Please help…. I am so mad sometimes that when he sits on the edge of the bed and rocks back and forth because he’s sleep I feel like pushing him on the floor… I pray constantly that God will allow me to see him the way that he sees him, but that’s a hard task to do, the embarrassment I feel when I’m in public with him is overwhelming and I know I shouldn’t be that way.

I don’t know what to do.

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