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Strawberry Letter: Milk Fetish

Steve and Shirley, I have a good friend who is 26 and is an attractive woman with no children. She is currently completing her master’s degree and is going places. She attends church regularly and volunteers regularly tutoring and mentoring young girls in her community. However, here’s the catch! She is into BREAST FEEDING her men.

These guys are into this as well! She started doing this recently and they crave it like BABIES! She says that it makes the sex more erotic! I think it’s a little much! There is nothing wrong with getting yo freak on but that’s a lil’ too freaky. She recently confessed this secret to me one day hanging out. I didn’t judge her but it’s just not my thing. Now when we hang out she acts as if she can just damn pump when she wants! We’ve always been like brother and sister, but I’m a married man. It makes me feel uncomfortable because she will carry on conversations like her TWINS are not out.

She has two boyfriends. One in his mid 30’s and the other is in his mid 40’s. These dudes text her all hours of the day and night telling her how much they need and desire her. She says it’s because of the milk. I’m not sure if she even feels the same way about them. She just likes how they feel about her and she says that drives her wild! She is not in an exclusive relationship with either one. If they found out about each other, they would KILL one another. Also, I just believe that breast milk should be for babies and not grown ass men!

Signed ,

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