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Strawberry Letter: Wife On The Edge

Good morning Morning Show,

I am a 24 year old wife and mother of two. I have only been married a year and I am already on the edge and ready to get a divorce. Last year after my husband and I got married I found some emails from some of my husbands “female friends” and his ex girlfriend where he had told them the only reason he got married was because the military gave him more money. Needless to say I was pissed and was ready to seperate but after his begging pleading and crying I decided that I would stay.

The very next month I saw emails and text messages between him and his ex girlfriend where she was totally disrespecting me and he allowed her to do it. Again I went off but did not threaten to leave or anything I just snapped. He left on deployment for 6 months about 2 months after he returned I went to the doctor and found out that I had contracted an STD. Of course he denied being with anyone while he was gone and I know that I had not been with anyone else. That was the first crack in our relationship. He then turned very mean and would randomly get upset with me and I had no idea why and I often found out via Facebook that he was upset with me.

Recently I just picked up his phone and saw that he and a female “friend” had been exchanging pictures of body parts that should not be shown. Even though he has never hit me physically that hurt as if he punched me. I confronted him about it and he made up every reason for why it was okay. I am really on edge and stuck between staying and going. I really don’t want to be anybody’s fool but I do love my husband.

What should I do?

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