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By Alexis Garrett Stodghill

Atlanta has been ranked as the best city in America to find a date in 2012, according to The Daily Beast. (Photo: Fotolia)

Atlanta has been ranked the best city in America to find a date in 2012, according to The Daily Beast. The brassy news site cross-referenced Census reports with earnings data to determine which locales offer those looking for love the most bang for their buck. Giving higher scores to cities that boasted the most singles with an even ratio of women to men, The Daily Beast also awarded points to municipalities over-indexing in the area of dating web site usage.

The creators of the study reasoned that urban centers with high average incomes and larger groups of singles provide the perfect mix for those looking for love in the new year. Abundant dating participants with surplus cash for coupling make Atlanta a romance haven straight out of heaven, according to the findings. The Daily Beast reports that 69 percent of Atlanta’s men are single as are 71 percent of the women. The median salary for singles in the area is $38,174.

Another key factor? The Daily Beast report places a premium on the mental and emotional health of a city’s dwellers. Called the well-being score, Atlanta received a score of 67.7.

The top ten towns on “The Best Cities to Find a Date in 2012” list are:

1. Atlanta, GA

2. Gainsville, FL

3. Lincoln, NE

4. Austin, TX

5. Minneapolis, MN

6. Seattle, WA

7. Madison, WI

8. San Francisco, CA

9. Ann Arbor, MI

10. Washington, DC

Please see the entire list on The Daily Beast.

According to recent Census Bureau data, the city of Atlanta had a population of 420,003 in 2010 with African-Americans making up 54 percent of the total. The population of Washington, DC was 601,723 in 2010, with black residents making up 50.7 percent.

Cities like Atlanta and the District of Columbia are often dubbed “chocolate cities” by African-Americans nationwide for their disproportionately high level of black citizens. While The Daily Beast report does not parse data along racial lines, the ample level of blacks in these cities suggests that African-Americans looking for love in 2012 might find better luck in Atlanta or D.C. for those looking for mates of the same race.