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On this episode of “Braxton Family Values”, we get to see Tamar’s first recording session with Harvey. After searching for a song that she thinks will be right for her, she stumbles across a track with Lil Wayne rapping on it and decides that BOOM! this was the right track for her. Tamar calls her sound something like “hood rat pop” and doesn’t want any of that “Jersey Shore fist pumping music”. I’m sure you catch my drift, right? She knows that her hubby Vince isn’t going to be pleased with her song selection, but she’s hopeful that he will make her the “happiest princess in the pond” and let her do her own thing when it comes to her record. I ain’t mad at ya, Tamar!

Meanwhile in LA, Toni calls an emergency meeting for her whole family, including her mother and father, because she has a huge announcement to make. The other girls are a little worried considering the urgency of Toni’s meeting and the fact that Towanda know’s Toni’s big announcement and is not spilling the beans to the rest of the girls. During Toni’s big meeting, she reveals that she has to have surgery- the next day! The girls are a little shaken up, shocked and scared at Toni’s news, but she assures them that she’ll be just fine.

When the day comes for Toni’s big surgery, she has her whole family by her side, including her ex husband, Kerri. She comes through her surgery successfully, and although the girls are happy that Toni is alright, they are more focused on the fact that their mother and father are actually getting along during this time! Say what!

Papa Braxton jokes that the girls though he and his ex-wife went on a date when they went to the cafeteria in the hospital together. But it is great to see them two getting along great especially considering what happened during their last face to face meeting..

Back in Atlanta, Towanda’s husband, Andre, has finally finished his book and is preparing for a book signing. Towanda was unsure if she would be able to attend the book signing because of the issues Toni was having with her surgery, but luckily she showed up to the book signing and was very proud of him for his efforts. But let’s be real, Andre still aint got no job.

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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