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The court battle between Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster is heating up.

The drama started when Usher wanted to take their sons with him on tour and Tameka said no. He then tried to get sole custody. She followed up with a motion last week for him to be tested for drugs so she could get sole custody.

According to Tameka, when he was sick onstage in Germany and had to stop the show, he was “in delirium” and not sick as he claimed. She also alleges that back in 2008 she found “mysterious pills” in his jeans pockets and she believes he gets high.

Tameka said:

“I believe he gets high. And if he doesn’t then he’d take the drug test, correct?”

Usher filed a response to Foster’s allegations last week, calling Foster’s drug test request “frivolous and unfounded,” and intended to “harass and embarrass” the singer.

So we’re assuming that Usher did not pee in the cup!


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