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Veteran Hip-Hop producer Pete Rock recently spoke to about the loss of his cousin Heavy D, who was instrumental in launching his career.

“Heavy was our world,” said Pete, 41. “The craziest, funniest guy to be around.”

Here is an excerpt of his memories of Heavy D :

Hev lost two brothers and Troy [Heavy’s friend and backup dancer], so we’re familiar with the pain. This news felt like a 12 gauge shot to the heart. It’s hard to grasp, I feel like he’s gonna call me any second. We spoke to each other every other day. I just spent the weekend at his house and we did a song together. He didn’t want me to leave, kept trying to keep me at his house, thinking of things for me to do. I was laughing ’cause I was like, ‘Hev, I got to go home and get back to work [laughs]!’ I now realize that God allowed us to have that time together for a reason. He wanted to put me with him one last time. We had so much fun, ate Chinese food, really ate like crazy in the studio [laughs]. I thank God for Hev believing in me. The last words I heard him say was how proud he was of me.


Watch Heavy D’s classic “Don’t Curse” produced by his cousin Pete Rock.


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