Lets start off with the child sex abuse allegation going at Penn State by former defense coach Jerry Sandusky. The allegation happened from 1996-2005, they’re 6 to 8 victims the youngest 8 or 10 years old. The coach was busted in 2002 having sex with a 10yr boy in the shower on Penn State’s campus and nothing was done. Head Coach Joe Paterno, AD Curly and Sr-VP of Finance of Business Schultz were told. Then and after Sandusky retired in 2005,  he was seen on campus at practices with other little boys and and nothing was said or done.

I feel that everyone that knew this was going on needs to be held responsible and should pay with losing their job. As a parent how could you ever send your child to a school where they cover up things like this, and feel that you son or daughter is safe?

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