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Strawberry Letter: I Was Played And Now I am Pregnant

Hey Steve and Shirley,

I would first like to thank you for taking the time to review my letter. My problem is most likely a common one. I thought the guy I was having sex with on and off for 5yrs was the one. We reconnected a couple of months ago, after he contacted me expressing how much he missed me and to also tell me he was seeing a girl he liked.

A couple of conversations later we text here and there but I was never the one to mess with a man that’s in a relationship. After like a month he told me he broke up with the girl and we began to hang out more, but nothing serious, at first. Then we had sex a couple of times, hung out with each others friends and just having fun. Earlier this week I found out I was pregnant and he wants me to get an abortion but I don’t want to take that route. And now all of a sudden he is back with his girlfriend, and claims I want to keep the baby because I think that would keep us together.

Our so-called friendship just flew out of the window, and I’m the scum of the earth according to him. I honestly don’t want to kill something growing inside of me, he might hate me but I rather he hate me then me hating myself for going through with an abortion. He even had his mother drill me on getting an abortion.

How am I suppose to handle this?

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