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Strawberry Letter: Frustrated And Need Revenge

Hello Shirley and Steve,

First I would like to say I Love The Show! My frustration is really with myself and I need some advice from the best. I recently ended a dramatic relationship with a 30 year old and I am 37. This man in the beginning was the greatest and worshiped the ground I walked on until months into the relationship.

He claimed to work in sales and living with his brother. He claimed to have lived a traumatic childhood with a drug mother and a obsessed father. He claimed to adore and was a care taker of his grandparents. He claimed his mother was found dead a couple of months ago. He claimed to be the most loyal man on earth. This man turned out to be the biggest pathological liar I have ever met. He is worse than my ex-husband which now he makes him looks like a saint.

He claimed his father lives in Atlanta as a big corporate giant. Anyway Walter Cortez Parker is scum of the earth. He lives with his father in Birmingham, AL, has been unemployed for years, has nothing in his name including his cell phone, has a felony record, uses religion to his advantage and uses a baby mamma (child not his) to get sympathy pleasure from women.

He was like a disease that I could not get rid of. He was slowly trying to move in my house and claiming illnesses that he did not have. His mother I found out is alive. His grandparents speak nothing but shame about him. I am a bit frustrated because he is on every dating website with the same story line of a good loyal man. I don’t want to make this mistake ever again so what would have been the clues that I was dealing with a pschopath? In addition to licking his lips constantly and nose bleeds I suspect drug abuse but could never prove it. My only worry is that women will fall for him and will give their all due to being natural care takers.

What advice is there for myself and women when dealing with deceptive men?

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