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Strawberry Letter: Foot Fetish

Dear Shirley and Steve,

I consider myself an attractive woman. I’m single with no kids. But it’s been a while since I’ve been on the dating scene, and I would like very much to get back on but, I’m lacking confidence for one reason. I have physical attributes that I absolutely loathe about myself. You see Steve, I have very ugly feet. Yeah I know you’re going to be laughing while reading this but yeah, my feet are a major issue for me.

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I wear a size 11 shoe my feet are very flat with long hammertoes with my index toe is longer than my big toe. They look like the fingers from E.T. Yeah get your laugh on (LOL) I know HAHA!!!!!! But seriously, I’m too insecure about my feet that I won’t even go out to get a professional pedicure… So I’m always doing them at home. I know everybody’s not perfect but I really need help about overcoming this dilemma.

I’ve clicked on websites about the matter and I found that men in particular are absolutely disgusted by women who have ugly feet. They think they’re nasty and low-maintenance and they wouldn’t give them the time of day. And I find that very insulting. I’m a very attractive, intelligent woman with nice curves, keep her hair tight, nice manicures, GREAT hygiene, wear pretty clothes, and shoes that are closed and not too tight and so on, does keep herself up.

But having to deal with this Eddie Murphy “Boomerang” stigma from men, that if you don’t have nice feet that you’re not good enough to be in their arm is not cool. Yeah everybody has the right to have a preference I know, BUT, you could be missing out on a good person or woman like myself, because they’re too shallow about pretty feet….Sure there are men who wouldn’t care less about a woman’s unattractive phalanges. But as of late, I’m just too insecure about my hobbit feet. LOL…. But until I’m able to afford my foot surgery, like after I win the lottery afford, this is what I got to deal with……

So Steve, what’s your point of view about this stiletto problem?

Love , D.

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