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Strawberry Letter: A Betrayed Wife

Good morning everyone,

Steve please give me some advice. My husband is a pathological lying, porn addicted sex addict that needs some serious help. I don’t want to throw our marriage away for the sake of our 3 children. I believe he is cheating or has cheated on me with women he has met online thru these social network hookup websites.

I have found several of his profiles registered in his name and some registered under alaises. I have confronted him about this and he just denied the fact that he got caught up. He quickly changes the subject to something else. I have been married for 10 yrs and I have never seen him act this way before. Now he is very disrespectful and so self centered. He has let the people that he works with manipulate him to the point where he can’t sort out the real from the fake.

I’m tired and don’t know what else to do. He goes to work and tells all of our personal business. Here lately all he wants to do is argue. I am FED UP!!! Steve please help.

Thank You,


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