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Strawberry Letter: I Did Not Follow The Rules

Dear Shirley and Steve,

This guy and I were teenage sweethearts that parted ways in the past. He wanted to get married and I was not ready (nor was he) but he did it anyway. Without letting me know. He divorced and later re-married. Anyway instead of letting by gones be by gones I located him on a social site. I asked if he was still married. He lead me to believe he was separated. So I didn’t follow your 90 day rule. LOL and I became pregnant with his child.

Shortly after finding out I was pregnant I learn that he and his wife were unseparated.lol. I gave him the option early to walk away he didn’t take it. I had the baby he came around once or twice. His mother, siblings, the neighborhood and so on were accepting and welcoming of the baby and all had decided that if he does his part with child support the wife didn’t have to find out about the baby.

You know whats coming next. He has failed to support the child. I am in the process of taking him to court for legal support (which I should have done in the first place) but they are taking forever. The initial papers came to their house and she (the wife) opened them. He lied and said it wasn’t true and I think she believes him.

What should I do? Continue to wait for the legal system to handle it for me or let her know about the baby? Or both? I will admit I am a little hurt by this especially since he skipped town with his wife and children without saying anything.

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