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Strawberry Letter: 14 Grand Kids In Less Than A Year

Good Morning Morning Crew,

I am a 41 year old woman who is going through the most embarrassing thing a Mother could only go through. I have a 19 year old son who just graduated High School last year and seems like to me ever since he graduated he’s been making babies.

Just last year in 2010 I found out I had a grandchild. I was very excited morning crew nothing like being a “Granny.” But that’s not the end. I started hearing about more grand kids in the area and I started getting worried so I sat my son down and asked him how many kids did he have at the time. He told me 5.

Let’s not forget how old he was then (18) so before I knew it I slapped him which I apologized for, but in March of this year I had girls come by saying that their kids are my grand kids so I got all the girls together and it was a total of 17 girls. I had all babies tested within a maximum of 3 months ONLY 14 of the babies were his which is a crime shame, for him to be only 19. I have spent thousands of dollars for DNA tests and now I’m tired. I have raised my son the best I can and he does try to help these girls out.

I love being a grandparent but I just don’t know how to love them all the same without showing favoritism.

Please help.

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