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Strawberry Letter: Did I Make A Big Mistake?

What should i do???? I have been married for 2 years this coming November and have not been happy yet. I have had more miserable days than happy ones to the point that I can count on my 2 hands, in the past 2 yrs of the happy days.

We argue almost every day to the point where I am now having headaches. We are supposed to be getting a house but I feel like our marriage is not strong enough to make this move. It has gotten to the point where I feel like I made one mistake which is marriage and don’t want to make another. I know that a marriage is a covenant from God and every time I tell myself that due to health reasons you have to let go, I just result back to the covenant from God, but how much mental abuse should one person take?

Our arguments are always about my kids. I mean even if I try to discuss us he always result back to them. Now my youngest is 15 and he is a boy, his father is incarcerated so I understand that he is trying to step up to the plate but in the process of that he yells, screams and hollers at my son and me. I know Steve you are saying for one I shouldn’t be separating the kids but this is not my doing. I also have 2 daughters, ages 25 and 18. He has 3 girls his self.

I can’t take it anymore he hangs outside with the young adults drinking everyday. I tell him time after time that I am your wife and he walks by and continues out the door. He doesn’t acknowledge me as his wife unless we are around his family and friends. That is the only time I feel that I am loved by him. I didn’t get married to just say I am married I really did it to get a covenant from God and the love I had for my husband.

Help me what should I do? We have tried counseling and we go to church every Sunday but again I just think it is just a show for him…..or maybe he thinks its enough to hold on.

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