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Strawberry Letter:  Makes Me Wanna Throw Up My Hands And Holler!

Dear Steve & the Morning Crew

My husband and I have been together over 14 years (married going on 6 years)… since we said “I do” he has cheated on me (Found emails from his mistress dating back to Feb 2006, mind you we JUST got married November 2005; I have found phone numbers to Escorts (1 of which he called, on Father’s Day); he has sent pictures of his private parts to a high school friend that he reconnected with off of Facebook… and now .. all 2011, he is recently unemployed (could not get a job because he had to wait to get clean from weed)…he got clean enough to apply for a job and is waiting the outcome of a background check, but even still we have not had any $$ coming in since May 2011 and I don’t anticipate any until late October/November 2011.

Now with all that said.. I am one ANGRY sista. I love him but love don’t pay the bills. Perhaps I could tolerate this situation more if he was taking care of the house. OH YEAH, did I mention that his mother lives with us????

Steve Steve Steve… I see a small light at the end of the tunnel.. he is close to getting a government job and a steady pay check… but, I think our relationship is wrecked… I don’t trust him… and in all honesty I am with him to get our sons through school and to make ME whole again.. is that wrong??

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