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“Keeping up with Kardashians?” Nah. I’d say more like “Keeping up with your identity.”It’s an unwritten rule that, when in a relationship with a Kardashian, it’s pretty much law for your identity to change, everything including your last name. Even if it’s not legally changed, everything following your first name will forever be followed by Kardashian. Prime example, Khloe and Lamar Kardashian. If you’re anything like me, and don’t follow much sports, three years ago you had no idea Lamar “Odom” even existed.

Fast forward to the present and alas, Kris Jenner’s most reliable cash cow, Kim Kardashian, finally gets her media wh*re wish of her career; and that is to get married. Congrats Kim! My question to you however is, what’s it going to be Kim Humphries, or Kris Kardashian? One of them has got to change, and seeing as how, relatively no one outside of sports knows who your fiance is who is going to change their last name? Granted, traditionally that is supposed to be the woman’s job, but we’re in a new era right? Besides, we know, the Kardashians don’t operate that way. We get it.

Judging from their reign of the majority of E!’s content over the last 6 seasons, I guess we’ll just have to wait until after their spin off “Kim and Kris Get Married” airs, courtesy of head Pimp mothers in the entertainment industry next to Tina Knowles of course, Kris Jenner. Nice work Kris, just in time for the hiatus of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Who do you guys think will change their last name, Kim or Kris?

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