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A national poll shows that while Americans are still holding on to some traditional moral values, it has validated immoral behaviors that are self-satisfying. The poll, conducted by Gallup, revealed 91 percent of respondents considered extramarital affairs immoral. In addition to cheating spouses, polygamy, cloning humans, suicide and pornography all ranked as the top five immoral “sins” among Americans.

A majority of respondents also ranked abortion as an immoral behavior. However, more respondents found cloning animals immoral (62 percent) than doctor assisted suicide (48 percent). A narrow 45 percent of Americans believe assisted suicide is morally acceptable. Cloning of animals also outweighed the moral importance of embryonic stem cell research (only 30 percent found it immoral), fornication (36 percent), gambling (31 percent) and divorce (23 percent).

The poll shows what Richard Land, president of Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, says is a deep-rooted problem with Americans’ sense of priorities. Land says Americans’ moral values are skewed to focus less on their obligations and responsibilities and more on their “supposed rights and privileges.”

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