Almost 60 years after the U.S. military was desegregated, soldiers of all races now serve alongside each other.But long before the 1951 integration, African Americans were fighting to protect this country.

Some of their stories are told in a new film entitled “For Love of Liberty.”former Secretary of State Colin Powell is one of a cast of American icons who lends his voice to the documentary, which traces the history of America’s black patriots.

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“I was a Black American soldier, and I followed in a long tradition Black men and women who served this nation since long before our Revolutionary War,” Powell said. It took the film’s producer, Frank Martin, 10 years to complete the four our documentary.

“A lot the folks who volunteered for this film had a connection to the story,” Martin told CBN News. “Morgan Freeman for example was in the Air Force. Blair Underwood’s dad was a Special Forces guy in Vietnam. Bill Cosby was in the Navy. Ice T was in the Army.”

“The film in my mind graphically illustrates the price of liberty, and what someone will do in pursuit of that,” he said.

African Americans Have Always Served America