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Strawberry Letter 23: No More Chances!

Good morning everyone!

14 yrs ago God blessed me with my beautiful daughter. Her father & I were young (19y/o) and I was attracted to the “bad-boy”, I got over that quickly but he didn’t. He has been in & out of jail for the last 14 years, when he wasn’t in jail, I heard he was on drugs. Through it all, I can count on 1 hand the number of times he has seen my baby. She met her sister about 2yrs ago & their bond is beautiful but it is now raising issues because the sister has a diff relationship with her father. Through her,my daughter is able to talk to him on the phone & wants me to let her see him. Backing up about 12 years…I met a man who has been a DADDY to my baby since she was 2. Even when we have had our issues, she has always been his daughter & his entire family embraces her as their own. I know her “daddy” would be hurt if she pursues this relationship w/the sperm donor. I am torn because I have given this man chance, after chance, after chance…he doesn’t deserve another one! This time my baby is older so WHEN he does the disappearing act again, it will be much more painful & what about the damage it could do to a young impressionable girl who was already treated for PTSD from a tragic event earlier in life. I really don’t know what to do.

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