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Strawberry Letter: Living in two houses!

Dear Shirley and Steve,

I am a twice married 40 year old woman with 4 beautiful children ages 7-20. I have a wonderful life, beautiful home, and great relationship with my children. I left my first marriage because we were just two young and outgrew each other, my second marriage was just a mistake. I have been in a relationship for the past 4 years with an older man; 54 who means the world to me. This man loves me and my kids and we have a great relationship and friendship. We’ve taken our time to get to know each other and build a solid relationship. I feel like our next step should be marriage, or at least living together. He spends most of his time at my house or we are together at his house. We even make most decisions together. We live like a couple but in two separate houses. We used to talk about living together but not so much anymore. This is something that I want and have made that clear. I think he is so comfortable with the situation that it doesn’t matter to him. He is used to getting his way and I don’t want to give an ultimatum but 4 years is a long time. I love this man and our relationship is great, except for living in two separate houses. Should I continue to wait it out or should I take a stand for what I want? I think he could do this for the next 4 years and I cant. We share our lives in every other way so why not do it in the same house?

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