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In a special to CNN, Etan Thomas of the Atlanta Hawks wrote a commentary giving his opinion on Donald Trump’s recent accusations that President Obama was not qualified for the Ivy League.

Here’s what Etan said, in part:

Donald Trump’s most recent challenge to President Barack Obama took me back to my collegiate years at Syracuse University. I had studied for two weeks straight for a calculus class, harder than I had ever studied in my life. After I completed my exam, I was confident that all my hard work had paid off.

But the next day, my professor greeted me with accusations of cheating, saying three-fourths of the class had flunked. How could I possibly have managed to get a B minus without cheating? Thankfully, not all of my professors were cut from this same cloth, but I had my share of run-ins. One professor asked me on the first day what I was doing in his classroom, and shouldn’t I be in remedial English or Rocks for Jocks?

Why did I have to prove myself worthy of being in their classrooms? The vast majority of professors at Syracuse University were not like this, but the sting of disrespect from those encounters has resonated with me till this day.

Donald Trump questioning the president’s educational background took me back to those unfortunate memories.

Read the full commentary at CNN.

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