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Kevin Cossom (@kevincossom) is another artist who started out behind the scenes writing hits for artists like Mary J. Blige, Keri Hilson, R-Kelly and more. Now being signed to super producer Danja’s New Age Rock Stars/JIVE records, Kevin is ready to show the world that he is not just another song writer turned artist but that he has always been an artist from the start.

Kevin recently spoke with TheUrbanDaily’s own Jazzy F. about what he learned  from listening to Micheal Jackson, his new mixtape and what it was like making “Baby I Like It” with Diddy and Fabolous.

TUD: Did you expect “Baby I Like It” to catch the buzz it did?

It’s one of those things where all you can do is do what you like and you just hope that the people love it. Having an icon like Diddy definitely helped and even Fab. My thing was like to make sure I hold my own and that people still recognized Kevin Cossom on the record and not be overshadowed. Even with the video where people recognized it was still my record but it’s a blessing to have those two cats on my first joint.  I still feel it’s a dope record. It’s R&B but it has a hip hop presence to it.

How did that collaboration with Diddy & Fabolous happen?

Basically from developing relationships through the game as a song writer. [I did] work with Diddy before the record  and even with Fab. I did a joint with him called “My Time”.  So the relationship was already there and me being signed to Danger, who did work on Last Train To Paris. So fortunately he wanted to be a part of the project so we made that happen.

How do you feel being in the spotlight versus behind the scenes?

It feels good. Song writing was something I always been doing but being an artist was primary.  I’ve always been writing my music. That’s pretty much how I even got in.  I got a publishing deal from the relationships that I was making trying to get an artist deal. Being an artist was first for me but being an artist and song writer always went hand in hand.  I never seen myself not being a part of the creative process. It feels good to see this thing come to life and get closer to where I want to be.  I feel at times a songwriter can write something for someone else but it’s just something about when an artist performs their own records.  Finally I get a chance to showcase my style how I want and people accepting it is dope.  To be creative and do what I do and for people to like it, is like an ultimate dream and it feels good.

What is it like to write for another artist who is a song writer?

It’s crazy. My first placement was a chorus I wrote for Jeezy that R Kelly sang, “Go Getta”. So for someone like that, that I look up to who is one of the greatest writers of all time to be on the first record I placed is big.  Naturally I wanted to be an artist but you can’t front having R. Kelly sing something you wrote is flattering.  I’m a humble person so I try not to think about it too much but it’s definitely flattering.

Was “By Any Means” your first time putting out a mixtape for the fans?

Na I did a joint about a year ago called Hook vs. Bridge that had 14 joints on it.  I had Snoop, Push T and Ross on the mixtape and before that I put out a EP that had 8 joints on it. So I always been getting my music out there because me being signed to a producer and being a song writer, I feel those are the two keys so why wouldn’t we deliver music and showcase what we can do.  I [released] another one April 26 called Hook vs. bridge 1.5. [DOWNLOAD HERE]  Some of the old joints from the last “Hook vs. Bridge” will be on there but I’m also adding some new material.

R&B fans like slow jams and you like to make records that make people dance so how will you blend the two?

I try to show versatility so the fans won’t keep me in a box.  I am a fan of a lot of different types of music so I want to express myself on whatever type of track.  Being a songwriter and creative mind that’s one of the things that we love to do. With me, I have a formula with things that I want in my beats that you can identify it’s a Kevin Cossom track.  If you listen to “By Any Means” you got joints like she likes me or “Show Me love” with Ace Hood and then you got a joint like “Rule the World” a remake I freestyled over. It’s like 2 different sounds but I don’t think it’s confusing. I think you just respect it like this is a creative mind. I love slow jams, I grew up on that.  I used to want to be in groups when I was younger. So I love the slow jams from Boys II Men, Mint Condition, 112 all of those cats.  I want to incorporate all of that as well but I don’t want to be locked into that.

Do you have a process for creating a hit or does it just flow?

I think it flows but you just [have to] be open to whatever happens in the studio.  I think it starts when you’re practicing.  If you’re a basketball player and you just practice with your right hand, that’s your go-to move. So when you’re in the game that’s what you use.  I always loved people who made melody a part of their hook. Growing up listening to Mike one thing I took from him was the melody and emotions.  Melodies you always remember and you felt them.  Sometimes you didn’t understand what Mike was saying but you felt the vibe, so for me I get my melodies first and then get in the mood track and I try to get into character of whatever it is I’m singing or what the song needs.

There are a lot of song writers becoming artist. Do you feel Kevin Cossom will stand out?

I feel I done enough ground work to stand out. You know what?  I don’t even think about it like that honestly,  it’s a new wave.  Artists who wasn’t songwriters before are becoming song writers.  Half of the game is about capitalizing off money, then the other half is about people respecting people who are a part of their creative process. You got some amazing performers out there and then you got people who make all of that happen before the performer even hear it.  I feel people respect it more when you’re a part of the creative process. So I don’t feel that I’ll get lost, all I can do is continue to do me and hopefully I’ll always have people like yourself who appreciate my work.

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