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Strawberry Letter 23: Ex Is Out Of Control

Hello Steve Harvey Morning Show,

I have two children by a man that just wont let go. He has harrassed me at my job to the point that I was fired. He sent a email to everyone who knew me and my family telling every personal thing that I ever told him. And last but not least he told the judge in court that because I was raped that I would expose our daughther to the same abuse. I have tried my best to move pass this craziness so he could bond with his children but no matter what I do he finds some way to harrass me. Its to the point that I have someone with me when its his weekend for visitation. I have done nothing to this man but ask him to pay child support and be a father to his children. He has managed to keep me in court every other month on little things like not having his name as a emergency contact to not being able to dictate to me on how to raise the children. I am at a lost as to what to do. He has managed to stay within his legal rights. I have nothing to use on him to keep him away. I want my children to know their father but I also want to live my life without wondering what he will do next. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Exhausted Ps. He has not even paid child support.