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Strawberry Letter 23:  I Have Sex With Doctor For Narcotis Now I Am Addicted

Hello: I will get right to the point, I have sex with a well known Doctor in the Chicagoland area, for tylenol #4 with codiene. I take 5 four times a day sometimes more, depending on my stress level.

This doctor gives me as many as the law allows in my name and more in three bogus names. There is not one person who knows this. I began taking them about ten years ago. I had several, and I mean several crisis going on in my life at the same time. I dont’ want to say what they are because everybody I know listens to your show and they will know its me. It hurts really bad when I try to kick this habit, plus I like the way the pill makes me feel. I do know that I will die because of them, yet I don’t stop.

I am writing your show for two reasons: 1) You probably won’t read this on your show and 2) You guys will laugh and joke about me and make me embarrassed enough to try and quit. The more pills you take the more you need to feel any kind of effect. That’s why I’m up to five per dose. I am really really talented and intelligent otherwise.

Steve you are a God fearing man. I am asking for a sitdown with you for your help, please help. Anyway thanks, please don’t say who I am on the air.

Listen to Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey’s responses below.

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