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Premises liability law is a section of Georgia law that holds property and business owners legally responsible for dangerous or hazardous conditions that may exist on their property.

If you slip and fall on a wet floor in a store, premises liability law may hold the store owner legally responsible for your injuries, depending on the circumstances. Common situations that may cause the initiation of a premises liability claim are falls on wet or icy walkways or stairs, attacks by dogs running loose and not in the control of the owner, exposure to toxic substances, an injury caused by a so-called “attractive nuisance”, such as an old refrigerator left unlocked outside, or lack of adequate security measures at an apartment, hotel or mall parking garage that leads to a criminal assault. Premises liability laws also apply to private homeowners and injuries sustained on government properties such as parks and libraries.

Serious injuries can result from accidents on someone else’s property including spinal cord injuries, burns, broken bones, head injuries, back injuries that can lead to paralysis and injuries that cause permanent disability or disfigurement.

The experienced premises liability attorneys at The Cochran Firm have accumulated years of knowledge and skill in litigating premises liability claims and will work diligently to successfully resolve your claim.

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia or the surrounding area and you or someone close to you was injured on someone else’s property, please contact The Cochran Firm today to learn how to proceed with your claim for financial compensation for your injuries.

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