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Actor Terrence Howard, who is currently playing District Attorney Joe Dekker on Law & Order: SVU,  took a break from taping to offer his thoughts on racism and the judicial system.

“As long as there are humans on the planet there will be some sense of racism until everybody looks exactly the same” he begins. “Which we will never…” He goes on to speak on the the role plays in racism and the importance of addressing the topic in a public forum like a television show.  In an up-coming episode Dekker’s cousin is accused of raping a woman and he must defend him. In taking the case he finds out that his aunt was raped by The Klan in the 1960s.

“The rapes that occurred in the civil rights activist era against young African-American women, who through no fault of their own [were] gang raped by white men and then discredited by calling them prostitutes, people got away with that for years and it’s contributed to our lack of faith in our judicial system today. It will be hundreds of years before the ugly markers of those actions are done away with.”

LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES returns next Monday, April 11th


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