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Subject: Future Court Maylay

Shirley and Steve, I am caught in the middle of a bad situation. To give a lil background I will start off by saying I’m young and I am in a relationship with a 36 year old man! We are 19 years apart and share the same birthday. About five months ago he was incarcerated with pending charges of lewd/lacvicous battery{ having sex with a minor} and that minor would happen to be me. He also has a charge of contributing to a deliquent and impregnating. Unfortunately I was forced to have an abortion. In approximately 5 days Iwilll stand before a judge and testify, as a witness or a victim I dont know. I really want to testify for him, not against. The fact that my parents will be present is really shaking me up. Please, please, please help me. Should I stick by him or do as my mother would want me to do.